Thursday, July 31, 2008

He no longer listens to A-Sides and every song says the same thing...

Thanks to the great mind of Dr. Soffe, I purchased a few songs by the Fleet Foxes. My favorite of theirs so far is the single, "White Winter Hymnal." Basically they sound like older My Morning Jacket/Band of Horses/alt country.

The Arctic Monkeys have been a favorite of mine, so I have been checking out lead singer Alex Turner's side project: The Last Shadow Puppets. I haven't really gotten into them as much as the freezing apes, but they have a great spaghetti western sounding b-side called "Hang The Cyst," that is pure Scott Walker.

Lastly, on a whim, I bought the debut album of Low Vs. Diamond. They could be described as a fun little Killers/L.A./David Bowie glam rock years type of sound. Fun driving music, if nothing else.

Currently listening to: The Mary Onettes - Explosions

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The Soffe said...

Heyo!!! I'm glad to see another dude blogging. Everyone else just makes their wives do it.

Dr. Soffe