Friday, September 5, 2008

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery...

This blog was made to discuss good music, so let me clear my throat for a second...

I, like every other rich white person in America, have a Facebook account. Usually I slag off most of the bizarros and their political passions being posted all over. I also live in Utah, aka super Republican town apparently. I am also a Democrat Mormon. Which is a sin just to say out loud for some people. I really am not that political, either, but I really like Obama... which is apparently also the biggest sin one can commit living in Utah... other than watching R rated movies and drinking Coke... Which I also do. (What an effing Liberal I am!)

Facebook idiots, or "extremely bored people" as I will refer to us from now on, have this "status" that you can update with some cute little saying or feeling or blah blah blah. Now, because this is a highly charged election year, people have taken the opportunity to change their "status"es into something political, i.e.:

"(NAME) thought the RNC rocked! Let's fight those stinkin liberals out of Washington.."

"(NAME) doesn't understand how anyone can look at the last eight years and even consider voting Republican."

"(NAME) is 'a proud mother of five for Palin.' "

"(NAME) is stoked about Sarah Palin's speech last night!"

"(NAME) is already sick of the republican convention."

These are actual current "status"es of "friends" of mine. And I literally could go on and on.... (using quotation marks... " ") These are the tame ones, just so you know.

Anywho, to take the piss out of all of this "so-much-fun-time," I posted the following as my "status":

"Jon Baty is reminding the RNC fans that Jesus Christ was a community organizer, and Pontius Pilate was a governor."

This was an obvious reference to any politicos regarding many of the speaker's (at the RNC) view that Barack O'bama having worked as a community organizer is ridiculous. Here are some quotes from said speakers just in case you want to fact check me:

"I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a 'community organizer,' except that you have actual responsibilities."

Gov. Michael, errr... Sarah Palin (Could have been Tina Fey doing an SNL sketch... Will do more research to prove.)

"Drop 9/11 Everytime I Speak" Giuliani laughed out loud while noting Barack Obama's deep experience as a "community organizer."

...You get my point. So I decided to put that funny little saying as my status. And boy, did my "friends" not like it.

(Update 9/8/2008 - This weekend was not fun.)
I opened my account email each day to find some really AWESOME messages that my supposed friends emailed and commented to me, but they were downright insensitive and unintelligent, so I refuse to put them here. Here's the summation though: I am an embarassment to my religion. I am the Anti-Christ. I am going to Hell. Obviously, told with much more colorful words and phrases. My "good" Mormon friends who know all about persecution with regards to beliefs, decided to use their expansive knowledge and persecute someone for his beliefs.

Maybe these were tries at a joke... leave the jokes to the comedians. (Like me!)

But I still went to Church on Sunday, where my Branch President left me with a wonderful quote: "Just because you are a Republican, doesn't make you holy. Just because you are a Democrat doesn't make you the Anti-Christ." I wish my in-laws were here. I hope they are having fun in Japan.

So yeah, that was my soapbox. Moral of the story is this: we are all different people with different beliefs and views. That's what makes America great. What does not make America great are those same people bashing their views into your skull because they believe that they are God's chosen morally right individuals. But they aren't. We call those people elitist Republican a$$holes.

I keed, I keed.


Amanda said...

I'm sorry, J.
Reactions like you received made me run from Utah and bite my tongue more often than I'd like.

Taintus said...

Presidential politics have become like Monday Night Football, just cheer for you own damn team--that's it. Perhaps people should have a bit more sense; enough to know at least that who the next president is has little to do with anything if all you're gonna do it bitch about the other "team" on Facebook. Democracy requires you to get out and do a bit more. . .fun and cute though. . .tee hee hee.

Bart Wood said...
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Wendi Bench said...

I bow to your sharp wit and great rhetoric. That Bart guy is insane and obviously watches FOX news channel. I appreciate your standing up for yourself and your feelings. It is truly amazing how often Mormons seem to lash out and persecute or are scared of the minority when they were the persecuted minority for over 100 years. OBAMA 2008.

The Moran Clan said...
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El Rockstar said...

Just so people know, with reference to Bart's comments (which I appreciate his opinions on the issue), Obama has never said he would want his daughter to have an abortion if she were in Sarah Palin's condition. That is fact. He has explicitly mentioned no comment with regards to family members.

El Rockstar said...

Oh, and I forgot to put my answer to this wonderfully racist question.
"If Obama was a rich white guy from Utah would you still like him?"
The answer is no, because I hate the whiteys and will forever be an apologetic with regards to race and my religion.

Bart Wood said...
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Bart Wood said...
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Bart Wood said...
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El Rockstar said...

Wow! What controversy! I didn't get to read the other deleted comments on my blog, but I am sure they were not fun. Original poster emailed me and is a good guy... politics makes people say mean things sometimes.
Way to go politics, you bastards!

Strude said...

Amen, brother.